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A well traveled life can easily be traveled through thought.  And now through my travels, I've arrived at a synchrocromic adjustment stage. Perhaps your witted to know that means that I am now going to reveal the lesser known: the simpletude that is my life.   With all endowed knowledge, take heed to the respect I procure/d from path.
         A Peace keeper I am.  A well traveled ecologist. I've seen the proof.  Both in my life and others; influenced by the power of conducive thought that is seen and heard in the art of many inspired minds that are blessing us and as well, they are blessed.  I am one and there are many.   It's a path that can be found by anyone and a life that one can become to know.  The ones that live it have transcended many thoughts through the strongest values of thought.  I tell you there's a race to be the best out there and it all comes down to this:  Don't sloth with thought.
        I would like to introduce you to an art medium that's being brought together by yours truly, my self.  I aspire to build a network of artists from all around that produce vivid realistic views that are conduct contemporary with any creative differences of belief, knowledge, way worth & logic edifice.  The business I speak of is named "LiT Core Creations".  Apparently the assumed meanings behind the business name are more than one.  See it as the rest of my art and see that it's an ALLsoLiT franchised collection of artists that are creating to inspire.   As fancy as that looks, that's not quite where I'm at today. Some how "pacing" makes it seem as if it's getting closer.
       Most days of mine are actually spent leisurely.  I usually sleep in to around 1:30pm then wake and toss a breakfast sandwich in the microwave and then crack open a Vegi-Fruit drink to get in a daily portion.  Soon after I wake I can expect to see my neighbor: we'll call her Janet.  Janet suffers from some ailments that hinder the mobility she has, so each and every day for the price of a dollar I go out on errands for her.   It's a simple task that allows some leeway biweekly to me for the purchase of a large Ohm tobacco bag and 200 Zen menthol tubes.  This symbiotic relationship and newly found bulk tobacco grants the allowance for me to save the money I was blowing through previously in three days.  It also saved me from the demeaning efforts I was putting into finding cigarettes one at a time from a different stranger each time.  That hunt to get a fix on an addiction was dually noted my will but perhaps the means of which I was addicted to it were more for the satisfaction of having something when I had nothing.  That being said: Don't knock the prospect of others over inadequate access to money, rather adjust frequency to adhere in conversation about the values you give to material things.  
          Once apon a time,  I wondered to reckon.  I reckoned a path that was seemingly weak and faint in distinction.  A wrath heavy message that equalized the people. They were weakened but it spurred a backlash on civility.  Weak I thought it was and weak it was.  Weakness comes as an inherited acceptance that there's nothing more to know.  For instance: I proclaim to be a mystic, though is the weight of what that is, known?  Do you know?  One that is a mystic has a rather unique perception on what's around them. They have come to an insightful awakening that has tested them to the core but has progressed them to having been enlightened on various aspects of life.
            Let i take you on a journey through the future through my eyes:  Work is worth having but it is not you working.  The minimum state of living has risen due to robotics.  Life in town is grand but sustains no real weather.  Fore the outside of the dome forgives weathering strife.  They will be numerous and linked together with tube-travel.  If there is fair enough weather then there are outside expeditions.  It'll be built up for the sake of environmental preservation and ultimately: Depending on the remaining amount of the sun's life we may leave its orbit.  Though not to worry, with technology, this triumphant solution is capable.  May I say it's my prediction, my belief, my prophecy.
           Like as if a tree has been planted in the soil I cultivated, It's grown for thine own respects and ambitions to contribute.  A fruit from it is a fruit I've nourished through growth.
I often say it's important to center yourself. One might ask,"Are you a Buddhist by that knowledge?" To answer,"Not only am I that but the Christian Bible says to center your yolk." From there you may grasp the nutrients that surround you with whilst to your will. I know that is a little twist from the Bible verses; but a due purpose. Speaking of eggs: a wise method of advocating for your self,"Warm water with eggs to medium heat and cook thoroughly until yolks become solid."
This knowledge I'm about to share is to help you come to a higher degree of consciousness.  One of the brains components is the mind,  it often has control of your logic.  One of the components of soul is sight, we do not see out our eyes.  Vision is obtained by light coming in and it being recreated for the soul.  Thought, the component of thought that I'm asking you to use is the communication between the brain and the soul.  If your conduct does not reflect your perception of your soul then do as I teach: Cultivate the mind.
Truizm is a religion.  It thrives because it is independent freedom creating free thinkers.  It's held by a philosophy where you can hold on to any mixture of beliefs; even if it's original.   So if you like aspects of different religions and not into one religion, you would rather like to accumulate your beliefs; then you are a Truist.

We hold the utmost respect for all creative differences. We task ourselves to depict the truths that have brought us to what we are or will to become spiritually. What Truizm is in basis is a way to bring people together despite what has separated us in the past and to inspire you to explore and accumulate other beliefs to find the truths in all existing and new. We feel the worlds knowledge is ours for the taking.

Life, when i see all existence for what it truly is, I see it all is for just that.

~We have a Facebook group. To receive admission send me Alan Stephan a message about things you think that pertain. 

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